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Curriculum Vitae of Hans Christian Studt
Billede af Hans Christian
Development Manager
NAME Hans Christian Studt  
DK-3200  Helsinge
CSC Danmark
Retortvej 16
DK-3730 Valby
TELEPHONE +45 48 79 79 89 +45 36 14 54 14
MOBILE   +45 39 23 54 14
FAX   +45 36 14 40 44
DATE OF BIRTH 6th October 1956. Age 50.
MARITAL STATUS Single. No children.
LANGUAGES Danish: Fluent written and spoken. German: Spoken and to some extent written.
  English: Fluent written and spoken. French: Basic.
  Employment History
  Summary Of Skills And Experiences

Employment History

FEB. 2005 - CURRENT POSITION CSC Danmark A/S (Computer Sciences Corporation).
Position: Request Delivery Manager / Availability Manager responsible all technical infrastructure on one of largest (9000+ users) installation of FESD compliant application for a major government client.
The responsibility involves direct client contact and liason with internal and external suppliers of services.
Clients: Skat ESDH for the Tax Ministry of Denmark
2004 - 2005 CSC Danmark A/S (Computer Sciences Corporation).
Position: Technical support responsible for development environment and tools. The project also involved coordination of implementation schedules.
Clients: Erhvervssystemet for the Tax Ministry of Denmark
FEB. 2003 - 2004 CSC Danmark A/S (Computer Sciences Corporation).
Position: Application expert responsible for application knowledge transition in a major international outsourcing and acquisition deal.
The project involved documentation of application services and development environment throughout Europe currently being provided to the client.
Clients: ISS Europe
FEB. 1999 - 2003 CSC Danmark A/S (Computer Sciences Corporation).
Position: Project leader responsible for implementation of a new client/server system. This project, using XML, Java and IBM mainframe Client-Server architecture (SAG Natural server with DB2 database - Sun Java clients), develop, implement and deliver maintenance of a new Central Person Registry (CPR) system to the Interior Ministry of Denmark.
Clients: The Interior Ministry of Denmark
OCT. 1996 - FEB. 1999 CSC Danmark A/S (Computer Sciences Corporation).
Position: Development Manager responsible for the Cyprus Integrated Land Information System Project, Nicosia, Cyprus.
This project, using Client-Server architecture (Sun Solaris UNIX servers with Oracle database 7.3.3 - Sun Solaris UNIX clients with Oracle forms 4.5 and reports 2.5), supporting Multiple Languages, will deliver Legal property registration management and Fiscal property valuation capability with an integrated Geographic Information System to the Government of Cyprus.
The project language is English.
Clients: the Government of Cyprus
JUL. 1994 - SEP. 1996 CSC System Management GmbH (Computer Sciences Corporation).
Position: Team Leader working on the Ford Dealer Computer Application Systems Project, Cologne, Germany.
This project, using Client-Server architecture (IBM AIX, Motorola UNIX and SCO UNIX servers with Informix database 4 - PC clients with Windows 3.11/95), Object Oriented development (C++), supporting Multiple Languages and country functionality, will deliver parts, vehicle and accounting systems to Ford dealers throughout Europe. 
The project environment is highly international with project participants of more than 10 different nationalities. The project language is English, even though German is also often used.
At the beginning my main responsibility was, to build a new team to take over development maintenance and support from the more than three different companies, that had been doing it until then.
This involved planning, knowledge transfer and implementing new database management procedures, all in parallel with continued development and support activities. This required additional efforts to be spent, which was also acknowledged by two extraordinary bonuses granted by CSC.
My later responsibility was to manage the team of 6-7 persons, and to negotiate and produce database management plans for the client.
The team worked with data modelling, database administration, database development and migration, report development and help text development. The final product included a complex set of databases (13 data models/databases with approx. 700 entities/tables) which were installed, upgraded and used at car dealerships.
The certified platform included Microsoft Windows and three different UNIX server platforms, which required a high degree of portability.
In periods I was involved in other CSC corporate activities such as,  
  • Negotiating site agreements with clients as part of large scale outsourcing of IT activities,
  • Operational assessment used to produce company acquisition proposal in a competitive environment.

Clients: FORD Europe, Germany - Lukas Industries, UK - Datacentralen A/S,  Denmark

NOV. 1990 - JUN. 1994 Cap Gemini Soegie, (CAP programator), Copenhagen, Denmark, IT-consultants
Position: System Consultant working on the Work Planing System Project for the Danish Postal Service, Copenhagen, Denmark.
This project, using UNIX/Oracle architecture, deliver work and time planning and follow-up systems two 31 regional offices and an unknown number of local offices.
My main responsibility was, design and development of core/common C modules using Oracle Pro*C, environment management and database administration at the off-site development environment.
In 1992 I was assigned on a project for the Danish Railways, Copenhagen, Denmark to implement interface programs to the SWIFT network using Micro Focus COBOL on a Nixdorf Targon. The interface allows Travel agencies to inquire about railway time and price schedules and make reservations as well as print tickets.
Later in 1992 I was assigned a project for UNISYS (client the Department of Trade and Commerce), Copenhagen, Denmark to migrate their Oracle instillation from a MIPS UNIX platform to a Intel UNIX platform.
In 1993 I was assigned on a project for Kuwait Petroleum, Copenhagen, Denmark to design and develop an Electronic Payment system using INFORMIX 4GL.
Clients: FORD Europe, Germany - Kuwait Petroleum, Denmark - Department of Trade and Commerce, Denmark - Danish Railways - Danish Post and Telegraph.
NOV. 1988 - OCT. 1990 Specifik Software, Copenhagen, Denmark, Software refinement and conversion.
Position: Software Engineer working on turn-key conversion projects for Deutz Man (KHD), Slough, UK. The project converted KHD's Bull DPS4 based COBOL applications to the IBM AS/400 platform. 
The projects usually included analyses of 'aged' platforms base-software as well as the application software. The result of the analyses resulted in a re-development of similar functionality with regard to database-, screen- and transaction management.
In 1988 I was assigned to a project for the Danish Railways, Copenhagen, Denmark. The project converted a Burroughs bases COBOL applications to a UNISYS mainframe platform.
Later in 1988 I was assigned to projects for L. M. Ericsson, Sweden. The projects converted Ericsson E2500 bases COBOL applications to SUN UNIX platforms.
Clients: Danish Railways - Deutz Man (KHD), Slough, UK - L. M. Ericsson, Sweden - E. H. Bank, Oslo, Norway
MAY. 1977 - OCT. 1988 K. Lund Simonsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, IT-consultants.
Position: Chief Consultant working on a number of small to medium projects for clients using different technology platforms.
Through my assignments I accumulated a well founded experience with activities within the areas of project management, structured analysis, estimating, structured design, programming and implementation.
I had responsibility for client relationship and projects. This includes sales, advisory and educational activities.
The projects covered business areas like finance and economy, trading, associations, leasing, event scheduling, rental, documentation management, query systems.
I had responsibility for development of several standard systems that were used by a number of clients.
Clients: Difco Administration A/S, Denmark - Alfina Financing Company A/S, Denmark - Team Denmark - Danish Glue Factory - Ortofon Manufacturing A/S, Denmark - Commercial Rental, Denmark - Altos Computer Systems A/S, Denmark - S Thue APS, Denmark - BIMCO - Commercial Leasing, Denmark - Jacobsen & Jukumsen A/S, Denmark - Fisherduebel, P Quist-Soerensen A/S, Denmark - Privat Leasing, Denmark - Joergen Cramon APS, Denmark - Steen Hauerbach A/S, Denmark - GREENEX A/S, Greenland - Danish Leasing A/S - Danish Standardisation Council - Madsen & Ruehne Advertising A/S, Denmark -  TRYG Insurance, Denmark - C. Jahn A/S, Denmark - Tobias Jensen A/S, Denmark - British Minicomputers A/S, Denmark - Starelement A/S, Denmark - Intermedium A/S, Denmark - Danish Agriculture-scientific Association - Association of Danish Transport Employer - Danish Economist Association - Positive Fritid Handel A/S, Denmark - Danish Savings Association - Alex Friedmann, Denmark - Hjoerring Hospital, Denmark.

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FEB 2005 - CURRENT POSITION Managing service delivery of a large enterprise system while the full deployment were implemented resulting in the final acceptance from client.
JAN 2004 - 2005 Building and documenting a simplified development and test environment.
DEC 2002 - 2004 Building a pan-Europaen application catalogue documenting baseline application services to be provided to an outsourcing client with services being provided in 18 countries throughout Europe.
Hiring of around 20 local project members.
2001 - 2004 Developed a web-crawling engine and database that performed web-site validations. The results can be viewed at W3C validation survey (in danish).
FEB 1999 - 2002 Managing implementation of a major upgrade which included introduction of new java client application technology into a IBM 3270 terminal based user environment.
The involved IT-system is considered one of the most critical (if not the most) IT-systems within Denmark.
Developed a Java based client emulator to test server functionality with the ability to act as a load generation tool used for performance and scalability tests.
OCT 1996 - 1999 Managing relationship with three consortium members (two local and in USA) and one off shore sub-contractor in India.
Re-estimation of the whole project based on Function Point counting used to prepare revised project budget and plans.
Hiring of around 20 local project members.
CSC GMBH 1996 Involved in CSC's winning bit for the aquisition of Datacentralen A/S, Denmark.
CSC GMBH 1995 Completion of site Service Level Agreements at Lukas Industries, Koblenz, Germany in connection with IT outsourcing to CSC.
CSC GMBH (FORD) 1994 - 1996 Working with the database management for the DCAS project I have achieved the following:
  • Defined and implemented strict procedures for data model and database content changes.
  • Defined and implemented new development environment that allows version control and parallel development.
  • Defined and implemented manageable and robust database set-up and migration procedures including SQL and shell scripts.
  • Defined and implemented controlled test databases.
  • Developed a C based language translation tools, that will replace text strings (whole sentences) in Windows Executables, Windows DLL's, Database unload files and C macro definitions. When replacing text strings in Windows screens that exceed the size of controls, the tool can automatically enlarge the controls and intelligently rearrange the whole screen.
  • Developed a C++ based generation tools, that will analyse SQL database creation scripts and generate C++ classes to access each database table through ODBC or Oracle Pro*C.

Most recently, I have been planing and estimating the following processes:

  • Migration of the complete DCAS system from being based on INFORMIX C-ISAM database access to SQL access using ODBC and Oracle Pro*C.
  • Migration of 150+ DCAS reports from being based on INFORMIX ACE report writer to Oracle ReportWriter.
CGS Working on the 6 month Kuwait Petrolium (Q8) project I have achieved the following:
  • Defined and implemented the set of Requirement and Functional specifications following the clients newly defined software development standards. Thus there was great interest from various non project related client parties to receive copies of the documents.
  • Pioneered the first implementation using INFORMIX 4GL instead of C and C-ISAM which were used by the client until then.

Working on the 3 month UNISYS migration (DSB) subcontract project I have achieved the following:

  • Successfull migration of Oracle databases on time in coorporation whith the main contractor UNISYS avoiding government-contract penalties.

Working on the 3 month Danish Railways development project I have achieved the following:

  • Designed and implemented a dynamic COBOL data area editing tool using COBOL, that will allow developers to manually setup/modify/save/load memory data areas, in order to test functionality (e.g. print modules) within modules, without using modules that normaly is required in order to setup the data areas in memory.
Specifik Software 1989 - 1990 Developed a automated source code analyse and conversion from Bull DPS4 based COBOL applications to the IBM AS/400 platform.
KLS 1985 - 1988 Developed a tool to inject text and formating into DisplayWrite type document objects for the IBM S/3X platform.
KLS 1985 - 1988 Developed a de-compilation tool to generate source code from screen load objects for the IBM S/3X platform.
KLS 1985 - 1988 Developed a file compare tool with re-align capability for source code type files for the IBM S/3X platform.

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A LEVELS 1975  Birkerød Gymnasium (High School), Copenhagen, Denmark, (Mathematical/Physical line)
IT-ASSISTANT 1977 Københavns Købmands Skole (Copenhagen Business School), Copenhagen, Denmark

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Summary Of Skills And Experiences

TASKS: Project management, Proposals, Estimation, Analysing, Designing, Programming, Implementation, Documentation and Database, System and Network administration
TOOLS/METHODS: MS Project, MS Office, Lotus Notes, Catalyst, Yourdon, SYSKON and Sosafe
APPLICATIONS: Car Dealer system, Financial applications, Electronic Payment system, Motor Supplier system, Truck Rental system, Leasing systems, Documentation Management system, Automatic Generation of System Documentation, System Development Tools, Language Translation Tool for Windows Applications.
TECHNOLOGIES: Client/Server, Object Orientation, Single user systems, Minis and Mainframes
DATABASES: Oracle, Informix, DB2, MS Access, Dataflex and others
PROGRAMMING: Java, C/C++, SQL, Oracle Pro*C, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, INFORMIX 4GL, INFORMIX E/SQL, COBOL, BASIC, RPG, Pascal, Assembler and others.
OPERATING SYSTEMS: UNIX, Linux, MS-Windows, DOS, Novell, OS/400, OS7/390, BS1000, MCPV and others
HARDWARE: PCs, IBM RS/6000, SUN, IBM 360-architecture, IBM AS/400, SCO PCs, AT&T, Pyramid, UNISYS, Nixdorf/Siemens, DDE, Bull, Burroughs and others

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HOME COMPUTER 2 x Linux + Windows XP
HOBBIES Skiing, Photographing, Travelling
SUBSCRIPTIONS Linux Magazine, Computer World (Danish) , Open Computing (UNIX magazine), C/C++ User Journal, Dr. Dobbs Journal, Byte Magazine, PC Magazine, DBMS Magazine and NEWS/3X/400.
MEMBERSHIPS IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group), Dansk Dataforening (Danish IT Society), PC Society (Denmark) and DKUUG (Danish UNIX User Group)

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